Explor­ing cock­tails, wines, ver­mouths and rare spir­its. Feel free to walk on up!

Bar 2

We invite you to Margate’s new bar and cul­tur­al venue, where strangers become friends.


Can I bring my child?

No children will be allowed on the premises beyond 18:00, unless at a dining or performance event.

Children must remained seated unless accompanied by an adult. Some events will not be suitable for children, please check in advance.

Are you a members bar?

We aren't a members bar. W'll be open to the public from 6pm, Thursday - Saturday. During the working week we are a Workspace which is membership based, like other coworking spaces.

Can I pay with card and cash?

We only accept card payments - that includes contactless, apple pay, google pay etc.

Do I have to buy a ticket?

Not usually but sometimes we host events that are ticketed, check What’s On. We recommend that you buy tickets in advance but they may be available on the door too.